Welcome to the Hunt Lab

We use genetic and bioinformatic tools to investigate evolution, development, and behavior in insect systems.

The red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta, is currently a primary system of study

Research opportunities

Graduate position: PhD student in behavioral and evolutionary genetics

Brendan Hunt and Ken Ross, Department of Entomology, University of Georgia

This research program aims to investigate the genetic and epigenetic basis of phenotypic variation in social insects through the sequencing of new genomes and the generation of functional genomic data. These data will be complemented with field collection and experimentation, benefitting from several collaborations.
The student will take coursework in traditional entomology as well as genomics/bioinformatics and will receive training in both areas. Hunt, a recently hired faculty member in the Department, has published research in social insect comparative genomics and epigenetics. Ross, a long time faculty member in the Department, has published research in fire ant taxonomy, social structure, population biology, and molecular evolution.
Applicants must meet requirements of admission to the Graduate School at the University of Georgia. The student will begin Fall Semester 2014. Prospective applicants should email Brendan Hunt at huntbg@uga.edu with a statement of interest.