Welcome to the Hunt Lab.

We use genetic and bioinformatic tools to investigate evolution, development, and behavior in insect systems.

The red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta, is currently a primary system of study (fire ant photo credit: M. Goodisman)


August 2016

Joanie just attended the amazing Ant Course 2016 at the Edward O. Wilson Laboratory at Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique. Way to go, Joanie!

This semester we welcome two new undergraduate researchers, Cole Hurst and David Pierce.

April 2016

Sam Arsenault was awarded a 2016 Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant from the UGA Graduate School. Congratulations Sam!

New manuscript, The genome and methylome of a subsocial small carpenter bee, Ceratina calcarata, published in Genome Biology and Evolution.

February 2016

Kayla Sims was awarded a CURO Research Assistantship. Congratulations Kayla!

December 2015

Sam Arsenault will be joining the lab as a PhD student this Spring. Sam will be researching insect epigenetics and will be co-advised by the prolific Bob Schmitz from the Department of Genetics. Welcome aboard, Sam!

New manuscript, Effects of DNA Methylation and Chromatin State on Rates of Molecular Evolution in Insects, published in G3.


August 2015

This semester we have two new undergraduate researchers, Kayla Sims and Eric Edghill, and an ILS rotation student, Sam Arsenault. Welcome to the lab!

June 2015

Brendan contributed analyses of DNA methylation to a new manuscript in Science: Genomic signatures of evolutionary transitions from solitary to group living.

March 2015

New manuscript, DNA methylation and chromatin organization in insects: insights from the ant Camponotus floridanus, published in Genome Biology and Evolution.

December 2014

Joanie completed her rather awesome collection for Insect Taxonomy class, with 25 orders and 138 families - check it out.

May 2014

Joanie King, previously of Joshua King's lab at UCF, will be joining the lab as a Master's student this fall. Welcome, Joanie!

April 2014

New manuscript, Epigenetic inheritance and genome regulation: is DNA methylation linked to ploidy in haplodiploid insects?, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.